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Baddie Tingz Signature Palette

Baddie Tingz Signature Palette

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Our signature palette includes 8 shades of neutral matte, fun, and shimmery shades that create the ultimate baddie eye looks!


This palette contains 9 shades:

  • Best Shot: (light rose -matte finish)
  • Baddie Tingz: (deep rose - matte finish)
  • Big Sugar: (shimmer rose- shimmer finish)
  • Take Notes (medium rose- matter finish)
  • Off The Clock: (white- matte finish)
  • Unmatched: (Black- matte finish)
  • Raw:( deep espresso brown - matte finish)
  • Misbehave: (silver shimmer- shimmer finish)
  • Bare Minimum:(light nude- matte finish)


Mica,Mineral Oil,Polyethlene,Pentaerylr Tetraisostearte Ethyexyl P almitate, Magnesium Stearate Phenoxyethanol,Methylparaben-Propylparaben,Ethylpara-ben, Titanium Dioxide/ CI 77891, Iron Oxides I CI077491 Carminel CI 75470

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